Guard Duty

Sample Living It Now Journal

This is a sample journal entry using the Living It Now O-B-E-Y response outline. Again the four steps are as follows:

  • One Word – write out the verse that spoke to you from the scripture reading.
  • Big Idea – make some observations from the context; ask questions and do a little investigation to discover what the verse means.
  • Exemplify – what is the one thing God would have you do to apply His word in your day-to-day life?
  • Yes to Yield – write your prayer to agree with God (“Yes”), and ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to obey God’s Word as you live it now (“Yield).
See “Hearing and Doing” for a more detailed description of the four steps.

One Word

“You are my portion, LORD; I have promised to obey your words.” (Psalm 119:57 NIV)

Big Idea

No I’m not a Hebrew scholar (or Greek for that matter either). You can find help with biblical word studies at to help you discover the “Big Idea.”

If I recognize Jesus as LORD – literally Yehovah – then He is my ultimate master and I should do all that He says. This is why the promise is made to “obey your words.” Obey here is translated as “keep your words” in many other translations. This roused my curiosity to find out what “obey/keep” means. It comes from the Hebrew word “shamar,” which is literally to “keep, guard or observe;” it also carries the idea of to keep watch as a watchman. Thus the promise made here is about more than just obedience to God’s Word. This is a promise to set a guard or watchman over one’s heart to watch with diligence the path that one would follow and sounding an alarm when you step off the path into disobedience.


I’m sometimes not careful in the things I do or say. I need to be more careful as a watchman and listen for an alarm if I begin to wander off the path God has established for me.

Yes to Yield

Lord Jesus, forgive me for those times when I am not diligent to watch the things I do or say. Holy Spirit empower me to not be lazy but to find my rest in You. Give me an attentive ear to listen for You to sound the alarm when I begin to take steps of disobedience. Thank you for making me a watchman to obey your word.