The Identity Test

The Identity Test causes us to try to prove ourselves and earn God’s favor. Let’s not fall into the performance trap, but learn to overcome every temptation just like Jesus!

The devil wants us to question our identity in Christ. In this message we add keys #4-7 to our keyring to overcome temptation.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

1. How can the word of God help you to overcome your struggle with temptation?

  • We all face the identity test, so according to the scriptures what is your identity in Christ and before the LORD? Make a list of identity scriptures.

2. When is your flesh the weakest making you most vulnerable to temptation?

  • Read Romans 8 – what does it mean that “the righteous requirements of the law might be fulfilled in us?”
  • What is the difference between living according to the flesh and the Spirit?

3. Why don’t you pray about temptation?

  • When should you pray about temptation?
  • Look at Jesus teaching on prayer in Matthew 6, in what ways will prayer help you overcome temptation?

4. How has the enemy brought a surprise attack of temptation following times of victory in your life?

  • Why is personal will-power or determination not enough to overcome temptation
  • How does acknowledging our weakness help us overcome temptation?

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