It is still cold and flu season; each sneeze or cough is a reminder how contagious sickness can be. But it’s not just germs that are contagious.

One Word –

“Thus you shall keep the people of Israel separate from their uncleanness, lest they die in their uncleanness by defiling my tabernacle that is in their midst.” Leviticus 15:31

Daily Bible Reading: Leviticus 15, 16, 17; Matthew 26

Big Idea –

Throughout the book of Leviticus God establishes laws which we often give little or no thought to. Some of this is because the sacrificial requirements to be cleansed of sin in God’s sight no longer apply. Jesus has been offered once and for all as the final sacrifice for sin. We are forgiven because His blood was poured out for us at the cross.

Yet there is still much we can learn that does apply to how we live our lives today. For instance we may read over passages like Leviticus 15 and think little more than God protecting His people from disease. All these rules about being made unclean if you touch someone with a bodily discharge, or anything they may have touched, or the bed they have slept on – all these commandments if I’m honest don’t seem that important to me.

Yet it is important first to remember that those who are “unclean” for any of the reasons described here in Leviticus 15 have not committed a willful sin against the LORD. They are still members of the community whom the LORD called as “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Ex. 19:6). However, because they have become “unclean” they are no longer permitted to enter into the tabernacle to offer sacrifices until they are first cleansed of their uncleanness.

The LORD is completely holy; therefore God has provided a way for His people to be made holy so they can come into His presence. It is not just sin that separates us from God; it is also those things that are common or profane – the things of this world in which we live. Regular contact with these things can cause us to become unclean, thus excluding us from God’s presence. I want to have open access into the LORD’S presence,  to enter not only the tabernacle of His presence, but to pass into the Holy Place and even enter into the Holy of Holies.

But let’s not stop with uncleanness being that which prohibits us from having access into God’s presence. (Please understand, I’m not saying we therefore need to offer the sacrifices to be cleansed to again be permitted entrance into the LORD’S presence. Jesus has fulfilled all these sacrifices for us; therefore we can thank Him for what He has provided through His death on our behalf. – I digress.)

However, I think there is something more too it than what most of us see at first glance. It isn’t just about bodily fluids or a woman’s monthly period. I mean how am I supposed to know if a man had a bodily discharge and just got up from the chair I’m now sitting in? These things that God says make us unclean limiting our access into His presence are also a picture of the contagious nature of sin.

I believe God wants us to see that no sin is a private matter; rather the LORD desires for you and me to understand just how infectious our sin can be to those around us. We can try to hide our sin in the dark – the unseen places in our lives. No one else may know what we have done. Our husband or wife, our children, and our friends, even casual acquaintances are often completely unaware of the sin hidden from their view. But that does not mean our sin does not affect the people around us.

If we don’t deal with even the hidden sin in our lives it will be like a contagious disease that spreads out infecting everyone I come in contact with. Jesus not only provided cleansing of sin, and the uncleanness that impacts us because we live within this world, but Jesus also inoculates the contagious nature of our sin so others are not infected.

Exemplify –

Only I can respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to repent of my sin; may I not hesitate, but come clean quickly so I am not contagious.

Yes to Yield –

LORD Jesus, thank You for providing for my cleansing so I can enter into Your presence cleansed. Holy Spirit help me to recognize those things that would prohibit my free access into Your presence provided for me by Jesus.

And LORD, I don’t want to be contagious with sin. I don’t want to brush aside what others might think is no big deal. Regardless of what others may think sin is like a virus that will not only affect me, but it will seek to infect those I love. Give me ears to hear and a heart that is quick to respond to your voice. Keep me LORD from evil; I don’t want to be contagious.

If you’re new to Living It Now, you can find an explanation of the O-B-E-Y journal on the Hearing and Doing page, or the sample post Guard Duty.

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