Following the Leader

Following the leader is easy until we think someone else doesn’t have to do the hard things and gets a bigger prize.

One Word –

Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!” John 21:22

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 19, 20, 21; John 20, 21

Big Idea –

We’ve read the story of Jesus restoration of Peter and most of us know it by heart. Three times Peter had denied knowing Jesus, so three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. Each time Peter affirmed his love for Jesus, and each time the resurrected LORD told Peter to feed His sheep. Jesus then told Peter how one day he stretch out his hands being led to a place he didn’t want to go; this was a foretelling of how Peter would one day be put to death.

This is when Peter asked about John, the beloved disciple. Jesus’ answer is straight to the point. We could paraphrase it this way, “Peter, that’s none of your business; you just need to follow me.”

I must confess that I’m a lot like Peter. I look at others and wonder why they seem to have everything going their way. Like John, they are the beloved with none of the struggles or problems I’m facing. It doesn’t seem fair. We’re both trying to follow the Leader, but it seems they get a free pass on all the hard steps.  (I think if the truth be told, some of them might look enviously at me with the same feelings.)

It’s easy for us to compare ourselves with others, and often feel jealous that we aren’t enjoying the success we think they have. I think Jesus would tell us it’s time to mind our own P’s and Q’s; it’s time for us to simply follow Jesus.

Exemplify –

I need to let go of my self-comparisons with others and daily renew my commitment to walk in obedience to what Jesus calls me to do.

Yes to Yield –

LORD Jesus, forgive me for my lack of contentment, of those times when I feel like I’ve been cheated or am just as good as others who I think have it better than me. Holy Spirit, help me remain attentive to Your voice; may I not hear and forget, but empower me to hear and follow. Like Peter, You have restored me time and again; help me follow his example to follow in Your steps.

If you’re new to Living It Now, you can find an explanation of the O-B-E-Y journal on the Hearing and Doing page, or the sample post Guard Duty.

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